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AutoSens Brussels SPEX 2017

Alexander Aydt, Vector Informatik

“Being exposed to all the people who are very knowledgeable about the image processing, I mean it’s very focussed this year on image processing and also Lidar is a hot topic here, being exposed to these people and talking to see what sort of challenges they have and how we can support them with our […]

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Tarek Lule, STMicroelectronics

“I like to meet people, I like to exchange our views, our aspirations and get the feedback from the customers and this is what is driving us forward into transforming our smart camera systems.” Tarek Lule, STMicroelectronics

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Sylvie Gounet, STMicroelectronics

“Of course, the networking, the possibilities to meet various customers, various players in this market, AutoSens is a very interesting and important event for us.  We’re exhibiting for the third time and we are again very pleased to be here at AutoWorld museum which is an amazing place for this kind of conference. The mix […]

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Eric Krzeslo, SoftKinetic

“Really great, much bigger and better than last year.  We’ve had very good meetings with Tier 1s and Tier 2s and those are the companies we need to work with. It’s great, we’re local, so it’s very easy for us and the venue is great – fantastic.” Eric Krzeslo, SoftKinetic

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Joey Kellner, Rogers Corporation

“This is my first time being here, this is our first time with a booth. It’s really interesting because of course we’re focussed on a material that’s in the radar sensor and it’s really interesting to see the whole eco system, you know there’s lidar, radar, camera sensors, and then how do those work together, […]

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Uwe Westmeyer, Renesas

“AutoSens is a great place for us because we are seeing a number of engineers who are really interested in technology, very little marketing talk but a lot of talk about technologies and about how these can help in the future to build cars for ADAS and automated driving.” Uwe Westmeyer, Renesas

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Soeren Molander, Panasonic Automotive

“I have enjoyed it very much, it’s great to meet like-minded engineers. I’ve seen a lot of fantastic work here, I think it’s really impressive what people are doing in ADAS so it’s been a very nice and enjoyable experience.” Soeren Molander, Panasonic Automotive

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Geoff Ballew, On Semiconductor

“The highlight is basically the technical expertise of the audience, the breadth of the audience, we can come here and meet with an array of customers and prospects and have meaningful conversations.” Geoff Ballew, On Semiconductor

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Young-Jun Yoo, Nextchip

“It’s a good opportunity for us, as we were hoping to see camera manufacturers. The camera manufacturing is mainly by Tier 1 and Tier 2s, we’ve been promoting this technology for over 5 years so it’s a very good gathering, and of course we’ll be at the next AutoSens.” Young-Jun Yoo, Nextchip

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Gualtiero Bagnuoli, Melexis

“It was fun, I found it really interesting the overall exhibition. I have to say that, as last year, many nice talks, interesting speeches and a lot of interesting news all around here. I’m really happy to be here for a second time.  First of all, Melexis is a Belgian company, we have to be […]

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