AutoSens Brussels SPEX 2017 | Sense Media - Part 3
Connecting sensor experts to advance machine perception

AutoSens Brussels SPEX 2017

Beat de Coi, Espros Photonics

“I was really impressed with the variety of the topics that have been presented today, much more than I expected.  There’s still a lack of good sensors, still a lot of momentum in computing data, deep learning, sensor fusion these kinds of things, a lot of initiatives there, but on the sensor side very limited.  […]

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Dave Tokic, Algolux

“The show has been fantastic: The level of presentation, the quality of all the attendees, the conversations we’re having, it’s been a fantastic experience for us.  You know you have the who’s who of the tier 1s and tier 2s and OEMs here. From an Algolux perspective we are engaging on all three levels so […]

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