AutoSens Brussels SPEX 2017 | Sense Media - Part 2
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AutoSens Brussels SPEX 2017

Dmitry Khvan, LG Electronics

“It’s our pleasure to be here, it’s great to have a chance to represent our company and to introduce our product, it’s a great venue, a great atmosphere and everything is on a very high level.  It’s my first time to AutoSens, and I find it very interesting, fascinating, a lot of good products, a […]

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Stephane Cordova, Kalray

“This is our third AutoSens for us, so we’ve been there last year and in Detroit this year. This is a very focussed conference here.  People visiting AutoSens are looking for sensor solution, so we are in the best place to meet those guys to network. We’ve even connected with software people, with sensor people. […]

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Jack Bennett, Hamamatsu

“Really good so far, it’s very particular to automotive sensing, it’s exactly what we do, so it’s a really good event. Fantastic venue, one of the best venues I’ve ever been in for an event.  It’s been really good, we’ve got a lot of good leads.  The companies we’re looking for are really are the […]

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Stefan Radtke, Dell EMC

“It’s very good, very exciting, a lot of interesting technologies, a lot of things being developed for the industry of autonomous driving and ADAS systems, quite interesting for us. We have a lot of common customers already, what we do here is learn a lot how technology works, how can we help the other companies […]

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Luca Verre, Chronocam

“It’s a very good opportunity, I was also here last year and it is a good opportunity to meet very interesting people from the industry, decision makers, stakeholders. Understand better the trends, how the industry is moving and where. We’d confirm it’s an interesting opportunity to follow up with some of them, to connect with […]

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Gregor Novak, Bluetechnix

“The show is great, I’ve learned a lot of new stuff, there was a lot of good speakers here and a lot of interesting companies, so I really enjoyed the show.” Gregor Novak, Bluetechnix

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Peter Labaziewicz, Texas Instruments

“It’s a great event, lots of opportunities for networking with some of the top brains in the industry and very interesting talks so far.  I’ve been to all of the AutoSens events so far – I think you’re doing a great job, I think the venue is spectacular for anyone who is interested in cars […]

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Shashank Dabral, Texas Instruments

It’s been pretty good, we’ve had good sessions and good interactions with customers and potential customers so yeah, it’s been a very successful day. A lot of good companies showing products here, so been a productive day. We potentially look for customers for us which would be Tier 1s who would be interested in taking […]

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Johannes Peters, SoftKinetic

“It’s a great event, it’s the second year I’m here with a company I’m representing, but also watching the sessions, especially the sessions on the venture capitalist this morning was interesting to see where the industry is going. To see where these companies, the VCs, and the industry investors have and what the outlook from […]

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Rod Burns, Codeplay Software

“I’m having a great time, met a lot of relevant people from industry.  Automotive is quite new for me so it’s a really good place to start.  We’re here to meet semiconductor and processor manufactures and the major automotive companies as well.  We really want to meet the companies who are interested in the products […]

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