AutoSens Delegates 2017 | Sense Media - Part 3
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AutoSens Delegates 2017

Zeph Freeman, Microchip Technology

“It’s a great experience, for me it’s the first time to AutoSens and I’ve enjoyed it so, so much and because this is a very young area of research in a young field, it’s very helpful for engineers like me to see what the trends in the field are, to get yourself introduced to very […]

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Linda Haals, Eclipse Optics

“I’m coming from a Swedish company based in Stockholm, and we have optics specialists and optics competence as well as image analysis competence as well so we can hire the competence of people to other companies that are doing, for example automotive field.  We are also doing other branches and other fields but automotive is […]

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Ashley Cline, Samasource

“I’m here looking for auto manufacturers who are trying to train their computer vision algorithms because my company annotate images, we create the ground truth for computer vision algorithms. I love the venue, I’ve been a little distracted by the venue, but the talks are great.  Everybody seems to be very open, I contacted lots […]

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Joachim Tiedeke, Baumer Electric AG

“It was very interesting to see different the lidar approaches coming up again.  I’ve worked with lidar since the late 80s and I have developed a lot of lidar sensors in my lifetime, so it’s nice to see it’s coming back. This I enjoyed very much.  It’s a little bit of a pity that we […]

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