AutoSens Brussels 2017 | Sense Media - Part 2
Connecting sensor experts to advance machine perception

AutoSens Brussels 2017

Christophe Pache, CSEM

“I really appreciated the conference, your organization generated a very nice atmosphere for networking. Thank you.” Christophe Pache, CSEM

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Paul Jennings, University of Warwick

“Good focus on topic and good depth and coverage from contributors.” Paul Jennings, University of Warwick

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Jeroen Grooten, Dexerials Corporation

“Good opportunity to meet people from the industry and to get an understanding about the different developments ongoing towards autonomous driving.” Jeroen Grooten, Dexerials Corporation

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Jose Ignacio Herrero Zarzosa

“THE event for checking state-of-the-art vehicle sensors and advances, with plenty of technical knowledge widespread around the venue.” Jose Ignacio Herrero Zarzosa

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Dirk Blumenstein, IAV

“As we have seen and heard; the automotive industry is in a revolution and AutoSens is at the centre.” Dirk Blumenstein, IAV

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Leon René Sütfeld, University of Osnabrueck

“An impressive event with great opportunities to learn and connect.” Leon René Sütfeld, University of Osnabrueck

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Hans Ebinger, ESPROS

“Great overview of the ADAS landscape and forum for discussion.” Hans Ebinger, ESPROS

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Prasant Narula, Delphi

“A must-event for every researcher active in the automotive industry in particular sensor technology.” Prasant Narula, Delphi

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Maximilian Bau, DELO Industrial Adhesives

“Excellent venue also for people from outside the automotive industry to get a feeling for trends and new technologies.” Maximilian Bau, DELO Industrial Adhesives

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“A perfect combination of engaging speakers, rousing conversations, and networking opportunities for engineers, by engineers.” Anonymous

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