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Industry Recommendations & Testimonials

What’s the industry saying about Sense Media events?

AutoSens 2017

"This is my favourite venue on the conference circuit – I spend a lot of time travelling, but I just had to come back to AutoSens to experience the AutoWorld museum setting again!" Rudy Burger, Woodside Capital Partners

"AutoSens is excellent to get in touch with relevant persons and topics in the area of autonomous driving." Matthias Lehmann, University of Applied Science

"A perfect mix of cutting edge technology from the autonomous driving community." Jeremy Bennington, Spirent Communications

"AutoSens is the place to gather experienced ADAS and AD engineers and professionals. It brings a lot to the industry in order to see real problems in development. The topics are really practical and each made a genuine contribution." Thusitha Parakrama, MOBIS Parts Europe

"Good for see what is going on in the active safety and connected areas." Yvonne Malmsten, Volvo Car Corporation

"Relevant participants. Round-table sessions offer a great opportunity for discussion." Ljiljana Platisa, Ghent University

"It was a very good opportunity for networking and learning about the topics in a comprehensive and efficient way." Dieter Krökel, ADC Automotive Distance Control Systems

"Excellent chance to learn, create and network with technical experts in the automotive field." Junmuk Lee, Hyundai Autron

"Excellent conference with a very good mixture of very good presentations, a top supplier panel and excellent networking possibilities. Very much enjoyed the panel and roundtable discussions." Martin Punke, Continental

"It was a nicely organized event with great discussions and talks." Jim Aldon D’Souza, TomTom

"I really appreciated the conference, your organization generated a very nice atmosphere for networking. Thank you." Christophe Pache, CSEM

"Good focus on topic and good depth and coverage from contributors." Paul Jennings, University of Warwick

"Good opportunity to meet people from the industry and to get an understanding about the different developments ongoing towards autonomous driving." Jeroen Grooten, Dexerials Corporation

"THE event for checking state-of-the-art vehicle sensors and advances, with plenty of technical knowledge widespread around the venue." Jose Ignacio Herrero Zarzosa

"As we have seen and heard; the automotive industry is in a revolution and AutoSens is at the centre." Dirk Blumenstein, IAV

"An impressive event with great opportunities to learn and connect." Leon René Sütfeld, University of Osnabrueck

"Great overview of the ADAS landscape and forum for discussion." Hans Ebinger, ESPROS

"A must-event for every researcher active in the automotive industry in particular sensor technology." Prasant Narula, Delphi

"Excellent venue also for people from outside the automotive industry to get a feeling for trends and new technologies." Maximilian Bau, DELO Industrial Adhesives

"A perfect combination of engaging speakers, rousing conversations, and networking opportunities for engineers, by engineers." Anonymous

"It was very productive and helped me better understand the landscape of vehicle perception technology and what is taking place within the ADAS arena." Carl Anthony, Automoblog

"You all have built up a great community. Well run conference." Marco Jacobs, videantis

"AutoSens sets the standard where the whole automotive imaging community meets. Congratulations to Rob for this again excellent conference! AutoSens: Where the high calibre R&D experts worldwide meet in a family event! AutoSens: Best in class!" Dr. Sven Fleck, SmartSURV

"The whole automotive sensor supply chain in one meeting - A unique opportunity for engineers." Dr. Michael Junglas, Feature Owner Image Quality, Magna Electronics

"It’s really good, a lot of informative talks and a good panel discussions.  I was contacted to come and speak here on a panel. When I first looked it up, I saw a lot of interesting companies here so I thought why not make a trip to Brussels! I wanted to see vision processing systems and systems to make deep learning inference more robust and faster, more real-time, and I’ve gotten to see a lot of that here. Absolutely excited to see the quality of exhibitors, there’s good presentation material and good demos." Jim Aldon D’Souza, TomTom

"AutoSens brings together experts from the complete supply chain. I’ve been in the Tier 1 business and now I’m at a university. It’s just an awesome opportunity to get all the partners together, people I can do research with and the amount of expertise you have here, the companies are actually sending here is awesome, so it’s really really great. It’s really the networking actually, and I have had some extremely great talks. Felix Heide from Algolux today just blew my mind, awesome talk, really great content. And it’s that level of detail that some companies are presenting here.. also the Robert Bosch simulations - that’s an openness of letting us look into what they’re doing which is very very special, and then you meet people, and you get to network and it’s a great opportunity to exchange ideas. There is no replacement for direct personal contact, it doesn’t matter where you are, here you meet people you want to meet." Alexander Braun, Hochshule Dusseldorf UAS

"It’s a great experience, for me it’s the first time to AutoSens and I’ve enjoyed it so, so much and because this is a very young area of research in a young field, it’s very helpful for engineers like me to see what the trends in the field are, to get yourself introduced to very innovative stuff. I came because we wanted to network with the industry and understand where the industry is going, everything is moving so fast when it comes to ADAS and autonomous driving. So many components that are coming together at one time that we have to focus on what’s important.  There are many factors that are very important so one is to make sure we are talking to the right leaders in the industry to make sure that we’re putting together the best plans for our products.  I think the best thing is all of the presentations, as well as the networking with some of the key industry leaders. Because of the wealth of information shared here through the presentations as well as having many of the industry leaders in the same place at the same time." Zeph Freeman, Microchip Technology

"I’m coming from a Swedish company based in Stockholm, and we have optics specialists and optics competence as well as image analysis competence as well so we can hire the competence of people to other companies that are doing, for example automotive field.  We are also doing other branches and other fields but automotive is very hot now so we think this is a very exciting field to be in to see all these things happening in imaging and vision. There are so many interesting things here… I think it’s really nice to get the overview of everything that’s happening with different sensors. We are doing both lidar and radar and vision, so to get the whole picture.  Automotive is a little bit new for us, so also to understand the whole supply chain, I’ve learned so much today and met some really nice people so it’s really interesting." Linda Haals, Eclipse Optics

"My colleague Faye and I have joined AutoSens to talk about vehicle cyber security. As we’re evolving towards autonomous vehicles we need to maintain the trust of our customers, the trust of our regulators, and one of the cornerstones of that is making sure that everything is secure and that it works while we build these innovative technologies. To me, the really valuable piece about the AutoSens conference is the roundtables, getting to sit together with other experts, sharing stories, exchanging ideas and learning together. Explore and figure out what you really like. Cyber security and this technology field in generally - there is an opportunity to find a niche that is really yours.  Figuring out what that is, takes the ambition, the courage and takes the time to go and explore." Alexandra Heckler, AUTO-ISAC

“I’m here looking for auto manufacturers who are trying to train their computer vision algorithms because my company annotate images, we create the ground truth for computer vision algorithms. I love the venue, I’ve been a little distracted by the venue, but the talks are great.  Everybody seems to be very open, I contacted lots of people via the app, and everyone’s been open to discussing their needs. Our mission, as a non-profit, is to create jobs so what we do is create jobs through image annotation projects, so I go to auto manufacturers such as Volvo or Jaguar, and say you guys are training your computer vision algorithm, we have agents in Kenya and India, we train them, annotate them, send them back, so we’re able to create jobs and fill a need in the industry. I would definitely recommend AutoSens to other people in industry, especially as it’s in Brussels!” Ashley Cline, Samasource

AutoSens 2016

"On topic, timely, and organised by experts." Benjamin May, AMX13

"AutoSens is a must-attend event for ADAS engineers." Hamma Tadjine, IAV

"AutoSens could be Europe’s most interesting ADAS event in 2016." Alain Dunoyer, SBD

"AutoSens will bring together all the stakeholders to discuss important aspects of functional safety – a critical topic for ADAS development." Riccardo Mariani, Yogitech

“AutoSens at AutoWorld – an exciting combination!” Martin Edney, Jaguar Land Rover

“The organisers’ track record of producing excellent events gives me every confidence AutoSens will be another excellent meeting.” Martin Punke, Continental

“AutoSens addresses the most important issues related to vehicle perception and control systems.” Phil Magney, Vision Systems Intelligence

“An expertly curated agenda will get to the heart of optimising sensor systems for automotive OEMs.” Albert Theuwissen, Harvest Imaging

“AutoSens stands to be one of the most influential meeting places for OEM, Tier 1 and supply chain engineers to advance ADAS technologies and improve automotive safety. It will combine high level technical discussion with a first class social programme, all in the inspirational setting of the AutoWorld museum.” Prof Patrick Denny, Valeo Vision Systems

“The entire ADAS value chain at one focussed meeting – excellent networking prospects.” Sven Fleck, SmartSurv

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