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Shawn Brovold, 3M

“A very well run conference” 3M

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Adit Joshi, Ford Motor Company

“It was a really great event hosted at a great venue, very well organized” Ford Motor Company

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Edward McIntyre, SemiNex Corporation

“Excellent venue to meet with colleagues and share ideas” SemiNex Corporation

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Brian Deegan, Valeo

“Very positive experience…new venue is excellent” Valeo

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Prabhjot Kaur, Wayne State University

“It was a great venue” Wayne State University

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Luka Lukic, Hyundai Mobis

“A very nice experience, good organization” Hyundai Mobis

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Dr. Irene Gonzalez, Verizon

“Well organized event” Verizon

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Steve Edelman, NWAPW

“Well thought out…a good MC and the award presentations were tight” NWAPW

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Simone Lavizzari, Prophesee

“Good atmosphere, nice venue” Prophesee

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Mario Heid, OmniVision

“Very nice event, well organized” OmniVision

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