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AutoSens Delegates 2017

Matthias Lehmann, University of Applied Science

“AutoSens is excellent to get in touch with relevant persons and topics in the area of autonomous driving.” Matthias Lehmann, University of Applied Science

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Jeremy Bennington, Spirent Communications

“A perfect mix of cutting edge technology from the autonomous driving community.” Jeremy Bennington, Spirent Communications

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Thusitha Parakrama, MOBIS Parts Europe

“AutoSens is the place to gather experienced ADAS and AD engineers and professionals. It brings a lot to the industry in order to see real problems in development. The topics are really practical and each made a genuine contribution.” Thusitha Parakrama, MOBIS Parts Europe

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Yvonne Malmsten, Volvo Car Corporation

“Good for see what is going on in the active safety and connected areas.” Yvonne Malmsten, Volvo Car Corporation

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Ljiljana Platisa, Ghent University

“Relevant participants. Round-table sessions offer a great opportunity for discussion.” Ljiljana Platisa, Ghent University

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Dieter Krökel, ADC Automotive Distance Control Systems

“It was a very good opportunity for networking and learning about the topics in a comprehensive and efficient way.” Dieter Krökel, ADC Automotive Distance Control Systems

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Martin Punke, Continental

“Excellent conference with a very good mixture of very good presentations, a top supplier panel and excellent networking possibilities. Very much enjoyed the panel and roundtable discussions.” Martin Punke, Continental

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Jeroen Grooten, Dexerials Corporation

“Good opportunity to meet people from the industry and to get an understanding about the different developments ongoing towards autonomous driving.” Jeroen Grooten, Dexerials Corporation

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Jose Ignacio Herrero Zarzosa

“THE event for checking state-of-the-art vehicle sensors and advances, with plenty of technical knowledge widespread around the venue.” Jose Ignacio Herrero Zarzosa

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Dirk Blumenstein, IAV

“As we have seen and heard; the automotive industry is in a revolution and AutoSens is at the centre.” Dirk Blumenstein, IAV

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